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DHL eClub
  • Welcome to the DHL eClub Web Site

  • Dear Customer,

    DHL has launched the DHL eClub Promotion activity especially tailored for the Cash-Paying Customers for international express service (including the Cash and Credit Card). We earnestly encourage you to join. As a DHL eClub member, you could not only enjoy the excellent service but also be able to accumulate your shipping records through notifying your membership number while you ship with DHL. Later on, you will further be able to participate in many promotional activities exclusive for DHL eClub members. The more you ship with DHL, the more prizes you can win!

    Now, please click the registration page and you can register the membership ONLINE!

    If you have any inquiries about the DHL eClub, you can refer to Frequently Asked Questions Q&A,
    contact 0800-769-888, or e-mail to the DHL customer opinion mailbox.

    Also, aside from the existing printed Air Waybill, DHL also provides a new E-version of shipping tool – DHL eMailShip,
    allowing you to complete an E-version of Air Waybill (please click here to download files) at home.
    For details, please visit DHL website at

    Activity Summary of "DHL eClub"

    【Recruitment Target of eClub Member】
    • All cash-paying customers of DHL's international export shipment (including cash and credit cards)

    【Important Notice】
    • While DHL eClub members want to drop off the shipment directly at DHL service center or via calling DHL Service Hotline to pick up the shipment, they have to inform DHL their eClub Membership Number beforehand. Meanwhile, they have to fill the eClub Membership Number in the column of "Shipper's reference" (e.g. eClub No P123456789 or eClub No C123456789 ) on DHL Air Waybill as well in order to become eligible for accumulating shipment records. (for more details, please click here to refer to the Air Waybill Example)

    【Promotion Information】

    • This promotion activity is applicable to the DHL Express Terms and Conditions of Carriage in back of DHL Air Waybill.
    • Definition of qualified applicants:
      • Qualification of DHL eClub membership application:
        • Cash-Paying Customers for export express service (including the Cash and Credit Card).
        • Applicants for Corporate Membership may use same "Company Registered Number" with personal Citizenship ID Number (or Passport Number/ Alien Resident Certificate) to apply for differentiate membership.
        • DHL employees, their family members, and contractors involved in this event are prohibited from participating.
    • Actual shipping volumes during this period will be based on DHL's data.
      • This promotion is only exclusive for international shipment paid in Taiwan ( only for export shipments), and needs to indicate DHL eClub membership numbers on the Air Waybill. If you do not inform DHL and not fill in eClub membership number, you will not be able to participate in the promotion.
      • Only ONE membership number can be filledinto ONE Air Waybill. And the eClub shipment records could not be recognized in other promotions.
      • Before becoming an eClub member, the shipments could not be recognized in the promotion.
      • The shipments delivered from the following venues won't be recognized as eClub shipping records: shipping at 7-Eleven, advisory agents of overseas study and Formosa Petroleum Stations.
      • The shipments couldn't be combined from different membership numbers regarding this promotion.
    • The application data of DHL eClub membership shall be completely accurate. If there are erroneous or missing data, it is equivalent to forfeiting your rights. DHL will not proactively notify you in such a situation. Please kindly remember your membership number to prevent losing your valuable rights. If you want inquire for your DHL eClub membership number, you can click member inquiry function on the menu on the left-hand side to proceed with inquiry.
      The usage right of DHL eClub is only limited to your own use. You cannot transfer your membership number to other individuals or transfer your accumulated shipment volumes to other individuals.
    • DHL reserves the right to consider who is eligible to participate in this promotion activity. DHL also reserves the right to instantaneously terminate or modify the methodology, schedule, terms, and prizes of this promotion activity and has the right to not make prior notifications.
      If there are any controversies regarding issues related to this promotion activity, DHL reserves the right to explain. Furthermore, DHL's final decisions will be the official effective agreements. Other unmentioned issues will also be subject to DHL decisions.